Be Stronger: The Ultimate Squat Guide


For a Nice, Big and toned ASS do this awesome squats, you can divide in series and with 2 repeats of 20.

Prisoner Squat


Barbell Squat


Box Squat


Barbell Jump Squat


Freehand Jump Squat


Barbell Front Squat


Barbell Hack Squat


Split Squat…

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Been gone from this a long time! My apologies to my followers - once I moved home for the summer, I immediately started working 5 days a week, 8 hours per day, and that kind of schedule has really drained me. I come home at night, chat with my boyfriend for a little, then go straight to bed :P anyways, I’m off track.

In the last month, I’ve hardly gained any weight but I’ve added a LOT of fat to my body. I fell off the wagon with my eating and exercising, and I really want to get back on track because I look and feel gross. McDonald’s isn’t the most ideal place to work if I want to lose weight, but I’ve come up with a solution that might help. Crew members Are allowed a free meal on their break - instead of eating the greasy, fatty food 5 days a week, I will only be eating it twice a week. The other 3 days, I’ll bring a packed lunch from home :) I’m also going to replace the fries with a parfait on one of the crew meal days.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do about exercise. I work until 4 or 5 pm and come in at 8, and I always come home exhausted. Most nights, I’m asleep before 10:30. I really don’t want to sacrifice sleep to get up at 4:30 or 5 for a workout, but I’m a zombie when I come home at night! Perhaps my workouts will have to wait until Saturdays and Sundays, which are the days I don’t work. Hmmm, I need to figure this out.

I’m also going to resume counting calories again. I find that when I count them, I eat a lot less and don’t binge as much. I also tend to eat healthier foods and indulge in junk food in smaller quantities. Wish me luck everyone!

Reblog if you’ve been told you have a nice butt.

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Went swimsuit shopping today!

I walked out with a tankini top and a strapless one-piece. No, they aren’t bikinis, but dammit, I feel sexy in them! They accentuate my curves and cover me in all my trouble areas. I still plan on losing some weight this summer, but until then, I can go to my boyfriend’s pool and still feel confident! :)

Perfection to Peace: Week 5, Day 5 of IE


I do not like the concept of cheat meals or YOLO meals. At all. Like AT ALL. Fitness instructors/Healthy/Cleaneating people I don’t know what to call them - they talk about how they indulge time to time and make sure they have a cheat meal in the week.

I’m sorry, cheating? YOLO-ing? Ok, don’t…

This = perfection. Why deprive yourself and only allow a treat once a week? Why not have a little ice cream after dinner every night? If your body wants it, then have it! Just listen to your hunger signals and stop when you’re full :)


Yesterday, I was able to jog for 7 minutes without stopping :D It may not sound like much, but for someone as out of shape and lazy as I am, that’s a HUGE accomplishment! 

My eating habits have continued to be horrendous this week - I’ve binged to the point of feeling sick and haven’t been eating clean at all. That’s my low for the week and it makes me really sad, but when I look back at how my fitness level hasn’t been affected, I feel a little better :) HOWEVER, that isn’t an excuse for me to continue eating poorly! My clothes still don’t fit well and I don’t feel very comfortable in a bikini - that right there is my motivation to pick back up on my cleaner eating!

I’ve been under a lot of stress this week due to my speeding ticket and finals. I’ve turned to food for comfort, and that’s a habit I slowly need to break. I really enjoyed intuitively eating the few days I was able to do it, and I want to ease myself back into that. I need to remind myself that ice cream and chocolate isn’t going anywhere! I can buy it or find it in my house any time I want it - I just need to begin convincing myself that I mainly CRAVE those foods, and that they are’t necessarily what my body wants to eat. If I find myself CRAVING ice cream, then that’s a signal that perhaps my body needs something sugary. I can turn to an apple or some greek yogurt instead of the ice cream. If I’m CRAVING a sandwich, then perhaps my body needs carbs or protein. I don’t need to devour an entire sandwich - a simple slice of bread with peanut butter or a little turkey will do. 

Today and tomorrow I’ll be working on two take-home exams, and this evening I plan on taking my proctored French final. By Friday afternoon, I should have all of my academic work done, and I can begin getting ready to move back home for the summer! My dad is driving out on Saturday afternoon to help me box everything up and start loading it into the cars. Then he’s going to spend the night and on Sunday morning, we’ll finish up everything and head home! I’m excited to get into a routine that doesn’t involve schoolwork or stressing over grades - I can begin to focus on rebuilding my mental health and getting back on track with my healthy lifestyle :)

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